Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What Happens With The Death Of Cash?

The days of cash being accepted as legal tender are quickly coming to an end. Within a decade, cash will be dead.

Have you ever given thought to the ramifications to this?

What happens when cash is no longer accepted as a form of payment? When you are forced to use digital currency to make ANY type of payment say good bye to your last bit of privacy.

When Chase Bank started their new "Cash Policy", it started a wave that will soon eliminate the last bit of privacy consumers have.

Think of all of the people and consumer items affected.

Buying items that you don't want, or can't have identified on your credit card, will be gone. (from embarrassing drug store items to those funny cigarettes). 

People that make a living, and unreported income, will soon have their income reported and be on the grid. From hairdressers, valets to people that sell illegal goods.

More income will HAVE TO BE reported. (as a side note another reason why marijuana should be legalized).

What about the really bad drugs? What happens to that industry when cash is dead? Does it help or hurt that industry? How about unregistered guns that are sold? Or stolen items?

Surveillance cameras watch you, postal service scans your mail, credit card companies track your purchases, cellphone towers can locate you and cookies from surfing let ISPs, websites and domains follow your EVERY move.

Cash is the one last form of privacy consumers have..and soon it will be gone.

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