Sunday, January 29, 2017

Does This Concern You?



New York plans to install vast system of facial recognition cameras that matches drivers licenses to social media accounts at bridges and tunnels.

Facebook already has face tagging and Check In feature. Can you imagine the opportunity for  Snapchat?
As Eli Pariser writes in the book The Filter Bubble (highly recommended), "the ability to search by face will shatter many of our cultural illusions about privacy and anonymity"
Here is what is REALLY scary?
A while ago Facebook cut a deal with political website Politico that allows the independent site machine-access to Facebook users' messages, both public and private. 

Facebook already bought WhatsApp for $19B, Will they buy SnapChat before they go public?

As soon as Facebook finds a way to tie in commerce to the platform, it's game over.

I can't help thinking this has gotten out of control.  How did this get so bad so quick?
Those "Privacy Policy" pages that are never read, have created such lasting damage.

So how do we stop it?  

The Next Big Thing is Privacy. Stuart Langridge has the right idea.
Privacy will define the next major change in computing.
The way you beat an incumbent is by coming up with a thing that people want, that you do, and that your competitors can’t do. Not won’t. Can’t.

How do you beat Google and Facebook? 

By inventing a thing that they can’t compete against. By making privacy your core goal. Because companies who have built their whole business model on monetising your personal information cannot compete against that. They’d have to give up on everything that they are, which they can’t do. Facebook altering itself to ensure privacy for its users… wouldn’t exist. Can’t exist.

The company who works out how to convince people that privacy is important will define the next five years of technology. (source)

Mainframe, PC, Cloud Computing..what is next?  Private Computing? A Private Internet?

The technological advances we have made just in the last 5 years makes me think that it is possible to get back our privacy. It will happen when people have their own data used against themselves.

When one day they wake up and say "How did they know that?".  That's the "A Ha!" moment.

Watch the TV show The Hunted, to see how public you really are.

Big problems lead to Big Solutions.


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