Tuesday, January 24, 2017

You Do Realize You're On The Same Team Right?

We can learn a lot from the Packers Falcons game, and almost any football game in general,  about how to win.

The teams all wear the same color uniform . There isn't a different color or notation for the defense or offense players.

When a defensive player intercepts a pass, the defensive player doesn't stop, he tries to help the team by running it back for a score...even though he is a defensive player.

When the quarterback throws an interception, the offensive players try to stop the opposing player from running it back for a score.

Their instinct is in helping the team.

Each player on the TEAM does what is best for the team, not for their "party".

Why can't the "players" on the U.S Team do the same?

My suggestion for Congress:

Forget the idea of a third party, GET RID OF ALL PARTIES. The members in Congress all wear the same color jersey, so stop with the classification.

A touchdown scored by a running back or a safety is good for the team, regardless who scores it.

I would suggest that Congress offer a way for members to submit their ideas anonymously.  Members would then vote on just the idea, not on who or what party it came from.

A bird has a left and right wing. It can only fly when both wings work together.

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