Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Dropbox Rolls Out Google Docs Competitor..Keep This In Mind

Dropbox is launching a public version of its new Paper service to make a name for itself among collaborative productivity suite providers such as Google Docs and Microsoft's Office 365.

Paper, which has been available in beta since last year, is aiming to win converts from the big names in the space with a user interface that the company said makes collaboration between coworkers easier. The cloud-based platform will allow users to manage shared documents by assigning different tasks and deadlines to various collaborators.

Here's the questions I have.

If you own a physical storage unit, would you allow the owner of the development to go inside it anytime they want? Would you let them share what is inside to the public?

Do you realize anything created and stored inside these public storage sites is THEIR property, not yours?

What is the company's policy if proprietary material is on this site?

Something to think about.

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