Wednesday, February 01, 2017

What Apple Should Spend Some Of That $246B On

Google's motto is "Don't Be Evil".

Apple likes to "Think Different".

Apple's new slogan should be, "Making the next generation even better"'s how you do it.

Apple, every kid in this world has bought SEVERAL products of yours, I think it's time to give some of that profit back, in a very productive way.

Apple has $246B in cash sitting offshore. President Trump wants it back on this side of "the wall".

Silicon Valley is all up in arms about the immigration issue. They all fear they might lose some talent or be prohibited from poaching from other countries. We have the brightest minds in the world but they are being taught the skills to survive in an analog world.

Take $10B and start the Apple University.

 M.I.T, Harvard, Stanford.....and now Apple.

Teach the next generation the necessary skills (computer, math, physics etc) needed to survive in the new digital job marketplace.

What kid wouldn't want to go to THAT school?

The winners in the next generation will be kids that create, not regurgitate facts (that's why we have Google). Computers and software are great at processing but they lack the ability to create. THAT is the skill our kids should be learning.

Apple could even abolish the current testing standards and create new ones.

Think of the possibilities.

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