Tuesday, February 28, 2017

YouTube On Pace To Eclipse TV

YouTube viewers world-wide are now watching more than 1 billion hours of videos a day, threatening to eclipse U.S. television viewership, a milestone fueled by the Google unit’s aggressive embrace of artificial intelligence to recommend videos.

YouTube surpassed the figure, which is far larger than previously reported, late last year. It represents a 10-fold increase since 2012, YouTube said, when it started building algorithms that tap user data to give each user personalized video lineups designed to keep them watching longer.

So who could threaten YouTube's growth?

Who has the ability to turn EVERYONE into their own TV station? GoPro.

These guys are sitting on a goldmine but haven't found a way to capitalize on it yet.  They have all these TV cameras that produce high quality video, they need to find a way to offer a streaming service much like FaceBook Live. Turn all of those video recorders into TV stations.

In the mean time, GoPro has tons of videos online that could offer ads (for revenue). Offer the video owner a way to monetize their content.

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