Thursday, October 04, 2007

Green Collar Jobs, Sony OLED, IPv6 Ramifications,WalMart RFID, Revolutionary Plastic, Akamai's Final Call

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Green Collar Jobs

First came CEO Chief Emissions Officer, and now job section for Green Tech. Silicon Valley meets Mid-West for employment opportunities.

Sony Introduces OLED TVs

LCD and DLP TVs already outdated? 85% of high def TV owners happy with their TVs, too little too late?

What The Next Generation Internet Protocol IPv6 Could Mean For Illegal Downloaders

Soon identity no longer anonymous on the Web. Say goodbye to SPAM and phishing. What advertisers will be affected?

WalMart RFID Mandate Losing Steam

What other forms of RFID are gaining traction? More opportunities for the closed-loop "blue collar" RFID tag than tag on consumer goods? Could medical applications play a role too?

New Plastic Is As Strong As Steel

By mimicking a brick-and-mortar molecular structure found in seashells, University of Michigan researchers created a composite plastic that's as strong as steel but lighter and transparent.

The Final Call For Akamai?

Because Akamai doesn't own the backbones of their network, they have to buy bandwidth from companies like Level 3 to offer CDN services to their own customers. What other applications could disrupt content delivery?

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