Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Spherical Solar Cell, Plants As Solar Cells, Baby Boomers Start To Retire


Koreans Develop A Spherical Solar Cell

The advantages of the Sphelar is its unique ability to capture the sun in all directions and utilize indirect and diffuse light. The other feature is in production. It utilizes a method wherein there is little waste of silicon.
How could this disrupt the leading solar plays?

In addition, more disruption in that space:

Bioplastic materials from renewable plant sources that will reduce the cost of solar cells

Doppler Radar Detects Speeding Heart

The Army has turned to a Honolulu company for Doppler radar and advanced algorithm technology to be able to detect and monitor multiple subjects based on their heart rate, even through walls.

First Baby Boomer Files For Social Security Benefits

A major transformation is set to occur and today officially marks the start. Giving shifts to taking as Baby Boomers start to tap Social Security.
Lots of industries and applications will be affected with this transformation.

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