Friday, October 12, 2007

Nokia's Point & Find the Perfect Physical World Connection Solution?

Could Nokia be developing the ideal solution for mobile barcode recognition?
Will this finally solve the question Pick A 2d Code, Any Code
image recognition
MoVa Media, a mobile barcode recognition company, suggests that Nokia's acquisition of Pixto could offer the ideal solution for Physical World Connection.

Nokia's Point & Find lets people point a camera phone at an object or picture and find out more about it or buy it just by clicking once when its name comes up on the screen.

It works by linking a set of image properties with a URL for information about what's in the image. When a user points the phone's camera at something, the system compares what the viewfinder sees with sets of image properties in a database. Also taking into consideration the user's location, it then delivers useful information about what the user is looking at.

For example, pointing the phone at a movie poster and pressing a key could make a page pop up that offers an ad for the movie and a way to buy a ticket at the theater nearest the user.

Pointing the phone at the street might bring up a contact page for a local cab company. The system could give retailers, transit agencies, manufacturers, and others the chance to reach consumers while making it easier and more intuitive for consumers to find things, Nokia said

MoVa Media says this:
Here’s what I think. This technology would definitely be more useful and intuitive than barcode recognition, simply because it wouldn’t rely solely on barcodes for data recognition. Also, consumers could immediately start using this, instead of waiting for retailers, and manufacturers to develop mainstream barcoding techniques.


Anonymous said...

Pretty amazing, and I am afraid it may not work. There could be thousands of images that may have pattern match, not sure how they would solve that.

Anna Stukalova said...

Great!!! i cant wait till i cant start using it. It'll come deadly useful!

Anonymous said...

we offer this already on the market

Juan Ortiz said...

Thanks for the data!
I just commented something about this in my blog (in Spanish)about
point and find.