Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mobile IM Is Expected To Be The Next Killer App

C/Net has a story called SMS On The Rise, Mobile IM Expected To Be Next Killer App
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Despite the continued growth of SMS usage, however, Gartner expects growth rates to slow as direct mobile connections are becoming increasingly cannibalized by mobile IM communities and social network portals.

What company has already made their presence with a platform on the cell phone?

What company has a foothold in both the PC and the cell phone?

What company has a media conglomerate to provide endless consumer applications?

Quietly this company gained a foothold on over 20 million cell phones and they are sitting on a mobile search platform.

Find out what company and service already has this "killer app".

p.s. They might be for sale soon too.


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Here's another interesting take on mobile killer apps: http://www.lytecube.com/articles/mobile/radlets.html

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