Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Business Opportunity For Mechanics

How to create a business? Find a problem and solve it.

As I watch TV court shows like People's Court, there is one type of case that comes up repeatedly. It is the used car purchase and the inevitable "as is" sale. A problem occurs EVERY TIME, and a simple solution offers a great business opportunity

So many people shop on Craig's List for used cars to find a great deal. The Internet and Craig's list offers a terrific form of dynamic classified advertising. These people (litigants) usually go to the owner's home and buy the car without ever getting it checked out by a mechanic.

There are few reasons why.

1. Owner doesn't want a stranger to drive their car without collateral.
2. Used car buyer can't arrange a time for a mechanic to check out the vehicle.
3. Owner sometimes doesn't have insurance and car can't be driven
4. Auto shops are closed in the evening.

OK so here's the business opportunity for ANY MECHANIC.

Create a business/service where you meet the used car buyer at the owner's residence to inspect the vehicle. Charge by the hour, or by the appointment. You are a qualified mechanic that is willing to go to any location to inspect any used car.

This could be a full time job/service or something to do in the evenings/weekends.

If you decide to pursue this, all I ask is that you give me a shout out.

This is just one example of businesses formed by great ideas.
If you have a great idea and want to see how you can generate revenue with it..

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