Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WalMart Uses Land Presence To Become A Cellular Provider?

In the category of "who'd a thunk it"?

Did you ever think WalMart could be a service provider?

This kind of reminds me Joe Nacchio's ingenuity to lay fiber along the railroads and what turned out to be known as Qwest Communications.

What a great idea. Sprint may be using the massive presence of WalMart stores to set up a cellular network. By merely adding a tower to a WalMart store, they are in a sense creating a cell network.

From AndroidGuys Sprint Working With WalMart For WiMax Rollout?

Our source tells us that the effort to grow the nationwide WiMax network includes placing place WiMax towers on the top of all Walmart locations. According to them, they were advised to consider how many stores overlap each other in a 30-50 mile radius. Essentially, this would be enough to cover a good chunk of the United States. Plus, this would not cost nearly as much as erecting towers and dealing with hassles like zoning permissions.

Can you think of other retailers/building owners that have a large enough presence to create a cellular network? What about highway signs, billboards?

What others can you think of?

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