Friday, September 30, 2011

How Much Would You Pay For This?

 There's a problem that affects EVERYONE that uses the Internet. In fact it probably happens to you at least once a day. It wastes valuable time and frustrates us all. I have a solution to the problem.

The question is how much would you pay for it?

As our lives become more Internet centric we are registering for more web services every day. Think of the sites like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, Groupon, Yahoo, Linked In, eBay, Paypal, Craig’s List and many more. Websites are becoming more stringent with your usernames requiring letters numbers and characters now too.

Who can remember them all?

How many scrap pieces of paper or pages in a notebook do you have devoted to for ALL of your websites, usernames and passwords?

And then you see it. “the username and/or password you entered may be incorrect”..who are they kidding, of course they are. We know what comes next.

How many times have you hit the “Forgot your password” button and waited for the email containing your password. Come on you know you arent the only one that hits the “Inbox” button like the you do with the elevator button. We all do it!

What is worse is when the site doesnt send you your password but makes you RESET your password..aaarrghh!

How about when you try multiple times to login and get the “multiple failed attempts will suspend your account”.

Never Forget Your Password Again

I will show you a little known secret that lets you store all of your usernames and passwords with one of the most trusted companies in the world...FOR FREE.

I will also show you another trick so you don’t give them the actual username or password but you will know what it really is. Your usernames and passwords are NEVER published.

My secret (all legal and free) allows:

1. access your usernames and passwords info from any device anywhere in the world

2. add and edit U/N and P/W in a way you will always know what the new one is 

3. store them with one of the most trusted Internet companies in the world (probably the most) FOR FREE! This company spends tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars on online security.

4. ONLY YOU will know how to access this info

5. ONLY YOU will know what this info means

6. NEVER hitting the “Forgot Password?” button again

Would you pay to know what this method is?

How much?

The tool that turned $10,000 into $2,800,000 in 2 years.


ModernPhilosopher said...

Interesting blog site you have Primate. I like your thought process and some of your ideas in your blog.

So what is the "secret" for this entry to maintain usernames/passwords?

Scott P. Shaffer said...

From "modern" to "primate"..I like that, thank you.

A couple years ago I went overseas and I knew I would be paying my bills online and managing my websites. I didnt want to carry all of my passwords around with me so I needed a better way.

Long story short, I created LoginRecall with InvisiCrypt technology.

It is NOT an online service or a computer program. It is highly sought after solution that makes your encrypted login information virtually impossible for anyone but you to retrieve, view, and understand but easy enough to retrieve in seconds.

-- All 3 components (website, user name, password) are encrypted and written in invisible digital ink (InvisiCrypt technology) NOT just user name and password

-- Retrieve your information without divulging any of your info to ANY website or service

-- Complete anonymity

-- Your online activity is NEVER recorded

-- Your login info is NOT stored anywhere on ANY device

-- Some services and programs cost up to $199. LoginRecall is just a one time fee of $7.99

-- No tech support required

-- Synchronizes instantly so that ANY of your devices can retrieve

I will be launching LoginRecall within the week.

When I shared it with several of my friends, they suggested I sell it.

When you see it, I feel quite confident it will make your life easier.

(the site should be live by first week of November) email me if you want to see the promo.

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