Monday, September 19, 2011

Some Investing Waves To Keep An Eye On

I turned $10k into $2.8m in two years by identifying BIG investable waves early on, and finding the companies that would have the competitive advantage in them.

Here are a few waves that are coming with a headline that lets you know they are getting ready to break. In my book, How To Find Big Stocks, I call the point when a wave is ready to break, a "rupt".

Inserting ads into TV reruns
This wave is called the TV meets the Net wave in my book.

Personalized Medicine
I call this the "proactive not reactive medicine wave" in the book. This wave stands to create more millionaires than the Internet did.

The new asset, intellectual property

Patents are the new raw material for the US economy wave. There is an estimated $1T of assets on the books that will be monetized.

Apps for VOIP
You saw the boom with apps for the iPhone, get ready for another wave of app designers and market.

3D Printing will disrupt manufacturing and pose problems for copyright owners
Easy replication of objects is great for manufacturing but a nightmare for copyright owners. How does it get resolved?

In the book, How To Find Big Stocks,  I show you how to spot trends and the publicly traded companies in them.
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