Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Next Investing Boom

What a week. Not because the stock market took such a beating but because several medical breakthroughs were announced providing the tipping point for the next investing boom. Astute investors I am sure noticed it though.

Sangamo Biosciences announced a gene therapy cure for AIDS  and there may finally be a cure for Parkinson's disease. Breast cancer was also shown to be cured using gene therapy. Gene therapy was even proven to treat blindness.

Pfizer received FDA approval for a drug that shrinks or eliminates tumors associated with lung cancer. They are using genetic testing  to determine if patient has the gene for this therapy.

  And this is the key to gene therapy
There is a company that controls the IP for junk DNA. It can be found in the list of Patent Play Stocks 

Genomics, or "personalized medicine" will be the next investing boom. It will be much larger than the Internet boom and will create more millionaires than the Internet Wave did.

The Internet was all about saving time and communication.
The personalized medicine boom is about adding time. More specifically, adding years to life.

How much will it be worth? Trillions. Why?

I don't know if it will be a zero sum situation but try to get your head around these 2 figures.
1. the amount of money spent to treat the disease/condition
2. the amount of money lost when disease/condition is cured

Sending a document anywhere in the world, buying a book/song, speaking to anyone all done using fiberoptics was revolutionary. Billions of dollars have been generated in revenues, thousands of new companies have been created and numerous networths have been changed.

That is nothing compared to what's ahead. The amount of money that will be spent by various industries and people, to live longer and better will be in the trillions.

 Here is an excerpt from the book How To Find Big Stocks It discusses the companies and technologies to look for in this upcoming wave.

I consider this wave the biggest “problem solver” ever that will affect every person in the world, rich or poor. It will create and destroy multi-billion dollar companies.

The 30,000 "switches" in your body (genes) or the "software of life", represent the next investing boom.

With the Internet boom, the first movers were the chip companies, PC manufacturers, and Internet providers. They provided the infrastructure to make it happen. It was people selling maps, picks and shovels that made the fortunes during the gold rush boom.

With the personalized medicine boom, the first movers will be (and already are) the companies that: provide access to the human genome (DNA), the testing kit manufacturers, DNA analysis technology, and the testing companies themselves.

What will also accelerate this investing boom? There are 10 billion dollar drugs, also known as "blockbusters" coming off patent in 17 months. The pharmaceutical industry is being disrupted big time. The days of one drug treats or cures all, are over. Drugs will now be specialized or personalized, and that is going to require knowing how genes work. The human genome database is going to be accessed A LOT.

Get ready for this investing boom. They say the Internet boom was a once in a lifetime thing. The fortunes created will never happen again. Never say never. The "personalized medicine" investing wave will blow away the wealth that was created during the Internet boom.

You are going to see multi-billion dollar companies get crushed when this wave hits. Think of what happens to the companies that make billions to TREAT a disease or condition. How do they stay in business when the disease is CURED. Billions of dollars are generated to just treat cholesterol and high blood pressure.

While sending a document anywhere in the world, buying a book/song, speaking to anyone has made our lives much easier, personalized medicine will extend our life and make it better. How much is that worth?

To get an idea of what disruptive technologies and companies I am looking for in this wave, and others,  my book How To Find Big Stocks explains it all. I disclose the tool I use and used, to turn $10k into $2.8m in 2 years.

There are 3 waves I am watching that are all "wealth changers". I even give you the specific technologies I am looking for right now in one of the waves.

The tool that turned $10,000 into $2,800,000 in 2 years.

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