Saturday, October 08, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Is More Like Vacant Brain Matter

The catalyst for this misguided movement was Bank of America implementing a new $5 fee to use their debit card. Rather that do some due diligence, they decided to put the blame on Wall Street. They are blaming the wrong institution.

"Wall Street didn’t write these failed economic policies -- the White House did" (Source CNS News)

If these clowns, yes I call them clowns because of their 13 idiotic demands prove it.

The Bank of America fees were lifted in response to a new Democratic-sponsored law that reduces the amount banks can charge retailers when shoppers use debit cards. (Source FT)

Don't want to pay the fee, use another bank. Nobody is forcing you to use them.

 Stop blaming others for your problems. The banks didnt force you get a mortgage on an inflated price home.
How much do you pay in ATM fees? If you use them for you online banking, do you think BofA doesnt have to pay for these secure transactions?

Why not protest PayPal, eBay too? They charge you for conducting online commerce. Nothing in life is free.

Lost your job with BofA? Well they didnt force you to work there. If your job is controlled by some other entity, you're just a commodity. Learn a new skill and increase your value to society.

The official unemployment rate released by the Department of Labor for September was 9.1 percent. At the height of the Great Depression of the 1930s the number stood at about 25 percent. You think this is a Depression? People in the Depression waited hours in line for a loaf of bread. I'm pretty sure they weren't tweeting on their iPhone or posting to Facebook with their iPad.

I have a hard time feeling sorry for you if you have an Internet connection.

The people who have really “made it”  did it by working long, hard hours, by reading and studying everything they could get their hands on, by having the drive and ambition it takes to succeed. There's a fantastic college that is open everyday, has the smartest teachers for any subject/trade, and it's FREE, use it.

When I see these protesters blame others (and the wrong institution) for their misery, I see a sad trend developing in the country.
  We have transformed from a "I built", "I created" to a "I deserve" society.

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