Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kyle Bass What This Country Needs To Do......And Fast

 He founded hedge fund Hayman Capital in Dallas, Texas, in 2006 in his late 30s after saving $10million from selling bonds for Wall Street firms. He then made made millions betting against the sub-prime mortgage bond market (SourceDailyMail)

Here's fantastic interview where he explains what macro economic events are set to occur.

A couple quotes that made me go "wow".

In the last 10 years 100% of the private sector jobs created came from the U.S. Government (healthcare, defense and education).

For every dollar infused into the US economy by the government, only an increase of .07 is added to our G.D.P.

The duration of unemployment is at an all time high. 99 week unemployment benefits provide little incentive to get a job.

He also outlines what needs to be done to turn the US economy around. If it doesnt happen in the next 3-4 years, things could get pretty ugly.

The bottom line, the US needs to reduce its debt and it will require a little pain to get it done.

The interview.

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