Monday, October 24, 2011

Patents The New Raw Material

From Seattle Times Patents are new business strategy

they're visible signs that technology companies' patent practices have evolved from using them to defend their own inventions to deploying them as a significant part of competitive strategies

A trend I discuss in the book, How To Find Big Stocks, is "IP The New Raw Material", A Big Stock has to have a competitive advantage, that could be intellectual property.

(excerpt from the book)
The new “manufacturing” is digital. Information and software are representing a larger percentage of our G.D.P. than physical goods. With the click of a mouse,
a new good can be created and shipped. The Internet is the new manufacturing and distribution system. 

I have a comprehensive list of stocks with key patents title Patent Play Stocks. 

Several on the list are making new highs and becoming big stocks like Genetic Technologies (GENE), Mako Surgical (MAKO), Mitek Systems (MITK), Nuance Systems (NUAN).   

How I turned 10k into 2.8m and you can to.

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