Monday, October 24, 2011

How Does This Affect The Cloud Computing Space?

Could this impact cloud computing?

Once content is uploaded to the cloud (by choice or default), who owns the content? You store your belongings in a physical storage locker and maintain ownership but what about online storage?

Can Big Brother search your content at will without a warrant?

If a server is in another country, could it be searched? Could this force off-shore storage?  Would you store your content with a company in a country that doesnt have an extradition policy with US?

Knowing that your content could be searched, will that impact how and where you store your content?

The government admits that if it wants to seize photos on your hard drive, it needs a warrant from a judge. And if it wants to intercept your e-mail en route, well, it needs a warrant for that, too. But once the data comes to rest on the Internet’s servers, the government claims you’ve lost your privacy rights in it. Same data, different rules. 

the Fourth Amendment's warrant requirement does not apply to data stored online. (Source)

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