Monday, October 03, 2011

Could Gaming Community Be Solution To Personalized Medicine?

 This comes under the category of "Great Idea!".

Using the massive gaming community to decipher proteins. Why not tap into this creativity to solve more pressing problems than Mario finding the magic muffin.

What has taken 15 years, gamers did it in 10 days.

Gamers were able to decipher a protein called “retroviral protease”. The protease is one of the key proteins that allows HIV to multiply and replicate itself in living cells. Using FoldIt, gamers were able to identify the structure of the protein — within a matter of 10 days.

This comes right after another blockbuster announcement in medicine.
Full story from TechCrunch

 Ok entrepreneurs, start creating other games to solve more.

Can you see why this is the Next Investing Boom?

The tool that turned $10,000 into $2,800,000 in 2 years.

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