Tuesday, October 04, 2011

WiFi Patent Troll Threatens To Sue Anyone Using WiFi

I'm going on record and saying this patent and lawsuit will pave the way for future intellectual property suits.

Ok I'm all for capitalizing on upcoming trends but this is ridiculous. I also believe less government intervention is a good thing too, but in this case I think it is warranted.

Do you realize the economic impact this suit could have on our economy?

Who is infringing, the equipment manufacturers, the service providers, the hotspot owners, the end users?

I am waiting for the owner of the patent for TV viewing for more than the owner of the TV to show up next.

 Have the government step in and resolve this before it gets out of hand.

Any patent that threatens the US economy and could stifle innovation, I think needs to be reviewed and modified by US Patent Office.

From TechDirt WiFi patent troll says wont sue individuals "at this stage"

a patent troll that recently acquired a portfolio of patents that its lawyers (what, you think there are any employees?) appear to believe cover pretty much any WiFi implementation. They've been suing coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants and hotels first -- including Caribou Coffee, Cosi, Panera Bread Co, certain Marriotts, Best Westerns, Comfort Inns and more

the small businesses who own individual hotels and probably have no idea how to deal with a patent infringement lawsuit -- all because they dared to offer WiFi somewhere in their hotels. To make it "easy" of course, Innovatio's lawyers will let them settle for between $2,300 and $5,000. In almost every case, that's going to be cheaper than hiring a lawyer to just get started dealing with this -- which I'm sure is exactly what Innovatio intends. 

How would you handle this?

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