Thursday, October 20, 2011

Are Bluetooth's Days Numbered Or Could This Solve A Huge Problem Coming For Carriers?

From BusinessWeek Wifi Direct To Threaten BlueTooth

On Oct. 25, industry association Wi-Fi Alliance began certifying consumer electronic gadgets that can connect directly to other Wi-Fi devices.

How this might work: Your Wi-Fi Direct device will signal to other devices in the area that it can make a connection. You can view available devices and ask them to connect, or you might receive an invitation to connect to another Wi-Fi Direct device.

It also threatens another industry. It creates a different, more ubiquitous network, and  allows the next big thing for mobile communications to finally happen.

The limited distance that data can be transferred and the slow speeds using Bluetooth are no match for WiFi data transfer speeds and distance.

NUAN, MITK, MAKO are the latest winners found using the tool in this book.

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