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I Took Her Breath Away Twice

A Triathlete Races For Love
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"Every girl dreams about how she will be proposed to and her wedding day. I took her breath away twice and gave her a story that is a special as she is."

A long distance triathlete (140.6 miles) overcomes life's obstacles to plan a surprise marriage proposal and wedding day for his special girl.

For eight years I have traveled the world competing in various IronMan triathlon races. Through this sport, I have learned how to approach the obstacles life throws at you.

I was lucky to have my soul mate with me through the roughest times (both on the race course and in life).

For the past year, I planned on surprising Pnut with a proposal and marriage at two locations that would allow ALL members of our families (both living and deceased) to commemorate this special journey.

Both IronMan Germany (European World Championship) and the 70.3 World Championship in Vegas were the locations where I took my soul mate's breath away twice.

 (excerpt from the book)
I only told a handful of people that we would be getting married that day. Some may say it was a private wedding.

I like to think we shared this special day with 1600 of our closest friends, namely some of the best athletes in the world and their special needs partners. We all know what it’s like to overcome obstacles in life just by focusing on the next mile marker.

Reader Testimonials:

Readers have said this about this love story:

"Probably the most romantic thing I have ever read"

"He has single handedly brought chivalry back"

"It’s easy to feel the love they share for each other"

"I am in tears..what a love story"

"No gown, tuxedo or hoopla..just two happy newlyweds"

"Romance done right"

"I don’t know two people more made from heaven than these two"
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