Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Disruption Ahead For Video

In the February issue of How To Find Big Stocks, we highlighted a company that had the potential to disrupt any entity that either plays a video ON or THRU the Net.

 Yesterday they followed through on that potential and announced the successful testing of cross platform streaming video prototype:

other solutions require video files to be transcoded into a variety of formats and require different streaming servers to host each version of the video.

  When a visitor reaches the site, the web server must detect the type of smart phone or operating system, then direct them to the corresponding streaming server and the corresponding file. These streaming servers are often outsourced off site to third party providers at great cost.  Each of those servers needs to be maintained, licenses have to be purchased and patent fees have to be paid.

 Although the process is seamless to the site visitor, behind the scenes, the digital alchemy is expected to cost the industry up to $1.6 billion annually by 2014 according to a 2007 report by Frost and Sullivan

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