Thursday, November 08, 2007

Electric Motors Go Green

Billions of dollars are wasted on electricity that is being provided, but not required.

There are fuel efficient cars, but what about electric efficient motors?

Reducing the amount of electricity delivered to electric motors is considered a renewable energy and represents a huge CleanTech opportunity.

Disruptive technology that determines and delivers the appropriate amount of power (dynamically) to the millions of electric motors in industrial and consumer appliances will eliminate billions of dollars of wasted electricity, excessive CO2 emissions, and brings the electric motor into the digital age.

While Detroit and Silicon Valley invest billions in new technologies for the combustion engine (and fuel for it), a tiny company with renewable energy technology is set to save billions and revolutionize electric motor technology.

Find out how billions of dollars will be saved with Green Electric Motors.


StephenC said...

Scott, this is a great find. But there's an even easier way to find that cheap and available oil that's wasted in vehicles every day. It's by simply turning the motor off.
How many times have we seen people run into the store and leave the motor on? The worst culprits are truck drivers making deliveries or doing repairs. Do they EVER turn off their motors? Result: noise, pollution, and higher oil prices. The irony is that it's quite often the same people who complain about high oil prices, price gouging by the oil companies etc. A big part of the solution is in their own hands.
But I'm afraid that the mindset change required to do this may be simply too great.

Scott Shaffer said...


However, until people change their habits, the power producing entities need to be changed first.