Friday, November 16, 2007

CleanTech Investment Analysis

Over two years, Alliance Bernstein analysts conducted more than 500 visits and interviews with companies, consultants, scientists and legislators. They just released their CleanTech investment analysis.CleanTech

I highlighted the key points.

-a sizeable investment opportunity is emerging for coal power equipment manufacturers and companies that build power plants and coal producers.

-cleaning up coal power will be critical for reducing emissions. Many inefficient coal plants will be closed; others will be retrofitted for carbon capture.

-Capturing, compressing and storing CO2 from coal and natural gas power plants as well as some factories will create new industries. We expect spending on injection and storage of CO2 to reach $10bn by 2015 and leap to $80bn by 2030.

-As carbon constraints boost electricity prices from other sources, nuclear power will become the lowest-cost source of electricity. This will lead to a near tripling of nuclear capacity by 2030

-Our research suggests it will require a technological breakthrough that is at least 10 years away for solar to become cost competitive. We think solar investments are becoming overvalued.

-While the map of the power industry is redrawn, a push for energy efficiency could help reduce CO2 emissions. This will create attractive investment opportunities in makers of electronic components for industrial motor systems, home appliances and cars.

To read the full report.

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