Wednesday, November 28, 2007

CamClic Connects 1D Bar Codes To Internet For Pharmaceutical Industry

Today the pharmaceutical industry, what next?

Brand managers and mobile marketing agencies should be excited about the ability to "turn on" any product using a camera phone and the already printed 1D bar code.

Now any item with a 1D barcode can be connected to the Internet, delivering relevant information and creating an interactive experience. CamClic delivers permission granted mobile marketing.
CamClic allows anyone to create AND scan 1D barcodes (in addition to 2D codes) with a camera phone.

The billions of 1d bar codes that already exist on products, and newly created 2d codes from consumers and content creators, when scanned with a camera phone (Physical World Connection), have the ability to disrupt the advertising industry.

The CamClic solution has solved one of the biggest hurdles of Physical World Connection, scanning a 1d code with a mobile phone.

As the global leader in mobile e-packing of products and brands, CamClic now starts enabling the Real World Web for all brand owners around the world, starting with Sweden. With a free service with both publishing tools and mobile software for CamClics customers, the opportunity for the world brand owners is huge in turning their standard consumer goods packages into on-line consumer communicators.

In Sweden all the pharmaceutical packages are now "turned on" since a project with this branch started in the late summer. When a patient or user reads the 1D barcode with CamClic in his mobile phone, additional pharmaceutical information will be shown together with other information and special product services. In the future it will be possible for the pharmaceutical companies to stop distributing the product manual and instead distribute a electronic version with CamClic and the 1D barcode. The costs saved in stop printing manuals will be huge together with saving the environment.

CamClic will revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry - together with all other product industries - during the forthcoming years. The standard consumer goods packages will now contain on-line additional information and services through the 1D barcode - the already existing Real World Web hyperlink. (full story)

Here's why I think CamClic's model could really take off. Brands can encourage consumers to click on their barcodes for info/coupons etc and consumers can also click on codes and form their own hyperlink, or social network community.



Anonymous said...

No limit!
The increase of information and marketing possibilities for products
this way will be huge. Camclic will be interesting to follow!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what happened with Camclick. Haven't seen any posts on PP about the company for a while. Seems like they push the market for this kind of solutions in Sweden. Why not global? Technical issues? Either way it's a very interesting company.

trippytom said...

I am with a big US company and tried to get a hold of their software a few months back.

Anyhow, I can say in my dealings with them their company seems amateurish. Check out the website!

If the technology is that good they need to get the business going, I got an off hours phone response to my inquiry over a month after I sent it.

I'd really like to know how good their 1D reader is, most I have tried in the past "worked" only after you "got good at it". CamClick's only enhancement I can see is code-rotation, which with most scanners has not really been the issue. The issue is holding steady enough not to blur the lines, this has to do with the aperture of the lens ... not mega pixels, rotation, etc.

Anonymous said...

nowhere on their website does it say how to download the application. what's the WAP site? is it not available for free download?

CamClic Blog said...

CamClic got a massive responce since the YouTube release some months ago.

Some were US companies. We do not yet have any representation in USA or any other country outside Sweden and China.

Our resources focus on our customer cases in Sweden right now. Therefore the responce to companies outside our areas of interest may feel amateurish for some.

Sorry for that.

CamClic is a Web 2.0 company with limited resources but with a great big idea. Anyone familiar with that scenario :-)

The big hurdle with Physical World Connection or Real World Web - as we see it - is to get the adoption among users and also to make money on it so that companies like CamClic can live on it. As we see it there are a lot ot PWC companies out there living on air right now or eating up some one elses venture capital - without dreating any big market around PWC.

Before "launching global" we want to develop some good reference customer cases in Sweden so that everyone understands why to read a barcode with the mobile phone and what to expect in services - why bother reading a barcode as a consumer at all!!??

First after that CamClic will be ready to go global, although we already have some global project in stealth mode. The first case in Sweden will be within the Pharmaceuptical industry where we got a good customer and usercase coming up. The CamClic J2ME Reader will then be launched through our customers distribution channels towards the right target groups of users.

We appologize to everyone that thinks we are a "NeoReader/ScanBuy/Kawya/Xzing etc" reader to be downloaded and tested around the world. We build a service for our customers - the brand owners. They are the ones that primaly should test, explain and market this service (and the reader) towards the approriate target group of customers.

After we tried to expand our test-group for new test-users after the YouTube video (many, many people liked to test it) we could see that most of these users where developers from other PWC-companies, mobile phone manufactors etc. We felt like the holy graal among developers.

These users are not our target of interest. The consumer and the brand owners are. And they are the one testing our service and giving us very good feedback on whats good or bad.

We can also asure everyone that we have got A LOT of feedback from phone manufactors, wireless operators, BIG USA COMPANIES and their technical staffs who have tested our J2ME.

A big hug to everyone from the CamClic Team

P.S. I will tell my CTO that some of you think our website stinks ;-) D.S.

Anonymous said...

Go CamClic!

simson said...

Trippytom, as I understand they have business going on right now. Probably because they have a good working software for 1D barcode decoding. said...

It feels like it has a lot bigger potential than 2d barcodes in most applications. 2d barcodes can be fun in campaigns to send a user to a certain website but this has a lot greater potential allowing all products to be physical connected! Cool!

Ron said...

I think CamClick and alike that are able to read 1D codes have huge potential in a closed environment. Most 1D code databases are retailers specific and not open so I guess this CamClick has a b2b customer potential.

One thing wonders me though, in the YouTube film the guy says he snaps the barcode, does this mean the image is send over after snapping it and decoded at the server side?

CamClic Blog said...

No, the decoding is done in the J2ME application. See more at

Anonymous said...

Hmm... just made the reflection that maybe this post about camclic and 1D barcodes make the NEOM stock going down... close to breaking 0.10 right now...

Anonymous said...

Should have listen to PP early on. Lost most of my savings on NEOM. Hopefully players like Google and Camclic will succeed in what others failed with. Feels like only days until NEOM is bankrupt...

Anonymous said...

CamClic wont work with cell phones. To read 1D codes one needs special optics. If this really works let us download the Software to prove it. It is easy to make this claim but show us.

Everyone who has worked in this space knows these issues. The guys at scanbuy used to claim they could read 1D codes too. They made lots of false claims for a couple of years a bout comparison shopping. Look where they are now-- only scanning 2D codes. Totally giving up on 1D code scaning.

CamClick will fade away to nothing. Trust me.

tattler said...

anonymous wrote "CamClic wont work with cell phones. To read 1D codes one needs special optics."

As I understand it, CamClic's J2ME app works only on camera phones with autofocus, not just any camera phone. So a big part of the question becomes, do people think that autofocus will become common?

(Autofocus is on the N95, a lot of Sony-Ericsson phones, some LG phones, and at least one Motorola model that I know of.)

Anonymous said...

All products have 1D barcodes. None have 2D barcodes.

Some camera phones have autofocus today. In 2010 all cameraphones will have autofocus.

Autofocus camera phones can read 1D barcodes (and 2D barcodes).

What will fade away first? 2D players or 1D players? I will put my money on the company - who ever - that will make product packes "come alive" throught the 1D barcode.