Friday, November 16, 2007

Decline In Starbucks Traffic Could Tell A Bigger Story

A tipping point occurred last week for both one of our fastest growing retailers and the economy.starbucks

The 1 percent drop in traffic at Starbucks stores open at least 13 months marked the first time the company has seen such a decline.

Going to Starbucks is more than just getting a cup of coffee, but an unique experience.

So why is their traffic declining? Some options:

1. People are choosing other coffee (America runs on Dunkin)
2. Energy drinks cutting into coffee consumption.
3. Is a $3 cup of coffee a luxury item?
4. More places are offering Wi-Fi, less traffic for StarBux.

Which one, or is it the combination of all?

Will the Starbucks latte theory be another gauge of our economy now?

Why do you think traffic is down?

1 comment:

DSI said...

It probably just means that the luxury coffee industry has matured or saturated.