Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Next Internet?

The Internet is major disruptive technology. This "grid" changed how content is created and distributed. The ability to create and distribute energy is ready to be disrupted.

Another "grid" is set to change energy production and distribution.
joule meter
Imagine the opportunities when devices, connected to the Net, can be monitored and controlled from remote locations. Combine this with the ability to distribute energy from existing or renewable sources.

From Tech Review Gadgets To Spur Energy Conservation

About a thousand participants in ConsumerPowerline's energy-conservation program will receive small plug-in boxes that glow red when power demand peaks, urging them to turn off space heaters, defer dishwasher runs, or otherwise save electricity.

Energy suppliers respond to spikes in demand by gearing up extra production capacity. That can be so expensive that many utilities are willing to pay to promote conservation during periods of peak use.

ConsumerPowerline pays apartment complexes, companies, and institutions to conserve on cue, then resells the resulting "negawatts"--reduction in demand--to utilities in New York, Massachusetts, and California.

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