Monday, November 26, 2007

Luna IntroducesBlitzkap, A Mobile Bar Code Solution

Add Luna Development to the list of mobile barcode companies.

Luna Development today announced the introduction to North America of Luna Blitzkap, a set of Quick Response (QR) code®(1) applications for devices based on Windows Mobile® software. QR codes are two-dimensional images similar to barcodes that allow mobile device users to capture a variety of information directly from a printed source with their camera-equipped mobile phone.Luna

Luna Blitzkap™ is a QR reader that works with any Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 or Windows Mobile 6 device. The reader can read QR codes and then, depending on the code, offer the user the option of saving the text, calling a phone number, connecting to a website, sending an SMS Message or Emails and storing contact information.

Create your own QR Codes with their QRender application.

Leveraging the flexible Windows Mobile-based development platform, Luna designed the solution to provide businesses with a cutting-edge marketing tool that provides consumers with fast and direct access to digital content, setting a new standard for interactivity and convenience. Luna is working closely with major mobile operators in Canada and the U.S. to deliver the Luna QR solution to North American users.

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