Thursday, February 07, 2008

Google Mobile Bar Codes..The Catalyst For Mobile Advertising Domination?

Last week Silicon Alley Insider had a report on Google's Hope For Small Bar Codes. I don't think most people realize how big of an opportunity this really is for advertisers, brands and Google.
google bar code
First of all, it's foolish to think Google and advertisers won't find a way to increase traffic to a website(more revenue opportunities). It's also clear mobile advertising is the next great land rush.

Because the advertiser can change the URL, mobile bar codes can turn a static ad, into a dynamic ones. The ad owner can change the URL to also make a static ad (newspaper, magazine, billboard) into a dynamic advertising situtation.. click on a bar code in a magazine ad and get the latest info.

Google, just as they have done with their Blogger application, allow millions of people to create content for their database. Wouldn't it make sense for Google to introduce an application that allows advertisers, consumers, brands and website owners to create their own 2d mobile bar code?

More links to content means more advertising dollars.

The physical world hyperlink transformation is coming and to think advertisers, Google, handset manuf won't try to utilize the camera on the mobile phone as a mouse, is naive. Hyperlinks are embedded into websites to make it easier to get to a website. The mouse clicks to connect, typing is not even an option in most cases.

The camera will become your physical world "mouse".

Microsoft has found a way to use voice as the "mouse in the car" with their Sync technology. Say a key phrase and the computer in the car acts as the mouse.

Who knows maybe mobile bar codes could save the newspaper industry.

As newspapers are trying to find ways to increase revenues and subscribers, they will now have a tool that makes their static ads and stories dynamic.

This also allows the print industry to "merge" with the online world.

How much easier will it be to click on a bar code, than to type ""? And if the newspaper guys are smart they make you register so they can then display relevant ads to your mobile phone.

The millions of bar codes on newspapers or magazines become millions of hyperlinks to a websites. It's a win-win for everyone.

It's just a question of when Google dominates this space too.


Jason said...

A few question:

1)Can you explain a little bit more about "real world" examples on how print newspapers could capitalize on on barcodes? What would you envision a newpaper of the future looking like?

2)You mention newspapers displaying "relevant ads" to the mobile phone- how exactly would this happen. How would they know what ad is "relevant?"

3)Is there a way for newpapers to know the traffic is coming from a mobile phone? If so, is there a way through GPS to know where this vistor is standing, i.e. near a Panera, and thus, send some sort of text coupon, etc, for that specific location?

Thanks for the help!

Scott P. Shaffer said...

You're reading the NY post on 7th and 56th.

There's a sale on the new G2 Gatorade product.

You scan the accompanying bar code, and receive a coupon (or see a quick trailer before) that can be redeemed at any Dick's Sporting Goods.

Gatorade (or I should say the wireless carrier) knows what time you scanned the ad, where you scanned it (where you may have bought your paper), if you're a local or out of state (phone number), if you redeemed the coupon (if and when)...and now Gatorade and Dicks can send relevant ads to your phone.

The brand manager could send out a timely coupon (good until 2/15) on other Gatorade goods to boost his month end quota.

You have to think of codes not as a link to the web, more of as a direct link to a specific site, action, or application.

Yes the advertiser would know what traffic came from mobile.

Gatorade could also incorporate this code on their packaging.
It gets pretty nutty huh?

Dean Collins said...

Any thoughts on why Google haven't released a Google QR reader application yet?

I mean apart from their zebra application which is pre-alpha (at best)?

Do you think they are really going hold back to launch an 'android' only version....seems restrictive to adoption.

Dean Collins

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