Friday, February 15, 2008

Mobile Bar Codes The Nielsen Ratings For Mobile Marketing?

What if a brand could determine who, what, when and where a coupon was used?

How powerful would that be?
scott p shaffer

I met with a well-known Florida business executive today. He just sold his business to a major corporation and is looking to tap into the mobile marketing industry. The discussion turned to text messaging and it's potential. Because he works with the largest national brands, he bounced some ideas off of me on how to get traction with the mobile phone.

He is being courted by one of the top mobile marketing companies and asked for my opinion.

There are lots of great opportunities with text messaging and how a brand can interact with a consumer, but what does the brand ultimately want?....a sale from the ad.

What ties a text message to a direct sale? And how can you measure that?

Text messaging is a great method to interact with consumer (after permission is granted), but how do you get them into the retail store to buy?

For more info send a text to ###### with keyword ******* to receive $1 off on widget XYZ. What comes next?

How does a brand determine how effective this SMS ad was?

What is the metric brands will use to determine how effective a mobile marketing campaign is?

The mobile barcode offers the perfect metric for mobile marketing because it ties a specific ad to a specific phone, time and location. When a consumer receives a mobile barocde after a text is sent, the brand will know who, what, when and where the code was scanned.

Imagine the power if brands could identify the home address, or phone number, of every regular coupon that is scanned today. That power is coming soon to mobile marketing with mobile barcodes.

I envision mobile marketing companies incorporating Physical World Connection (mobile bar codes) soon to add value to their campaigns AND to determine how effective they are too.

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