Friday, February 01, 2008

Microsoft Buys Yahoo..A Pondering Primate 2007 Prediction

scott p. shaffer
So I was off by a month for this prediction. Is it too little too late?

After reading Nicholas Carr's Big Switch, I wonder if Microsoft buying Yahoo is too little, too late. As more of the computing world goes and performs online, the PC becomes irrelevant.

Microsoft To Buy Yahoo For $44.6B

Microsoft buying Yahoo was one of my 2007 Predictions.

10. Microsoft buys Yahoo

In an effort to take on Google, Microsoft buys Yahoo.

For $44B, what should Microsoft have bought instead?

The better question though is....what does Google buy to up the ante?


Anonymous said...

Simple need to buy neomedia technologies and their patents (which the USPTO will approve come april)

Scott P. Shaffer said...

I suggest reading this and then you might have a different opinion.

Carriers/brands are adopting other mobile bar code reading applications, the patent office said they will review their IP (which can take years) and if you read their latest financial stament, Neomedia is as close to bankrupt as a company can get.

It wouldn't surprise me to see ScanBuy get bought out though.

Anonymous said...

wait until you see who NEOM is working with.

get ready for some more egg on your face scott!


Scott P. Shaffer said...

I already know who Neomedia is working with, Cornell Capital.

The only egg I see is here.

Suggestion. Instead of trying to connect the dots, try counting the ever growing number of commas.

Suresh Kumar A said...

Inorder to compete Google (which is No.1) in advertising market, the No.2(Yahoo) and No.3(Microsoft) are joining hands.

Scott P. Shaffer said...

I think AOL could be a great takeover opportunity. Think of the 25m plus users that use the AOL IM platform.

I discussed why in AOL ..DOA or AOK?