Friday, February 22, 2008

Skuair...The Ideal Mobile Barcode Solution?

This seems like a no brainer for the mobile marketing industry.
Add Skuair to the list of mobile bar code players.

Turn any image into a 2d bar code.

Wouldn't that be the best of all worlds for brands, mobile marketers and consumers? Wouldn't this be the ideal solution for Physical World Connection?

Now brands can turn their logos into scannable mobile bar codes. Consumers can turn images into physical world hyperlinks. When an image is scanned, the mobile phone directs the user to a specific website.

Revenue opportunities for this application are enormous.

Daem Interactive is proud to announce Skuair, a second-generation 2d code.

It's a next generation 2d Code which can contain any logo or image.

It can contain any logo or personalized image. Unlike 2Dcodes, individual tags are easy to remember because they are images, not secretive machine only readable bar-codes.

Skuair is a client-server solution that merges the best qualities of 2d barcodes and image recognition technologies. Research in the fields of augmented reality and low-res image recognition combine in a fast, scalable and easy to use solution.

User generated image tags will be launched later this year.

Skuair has been developed by Daem Interactive

The big question.....can they turn a 1d bar code image into a 2d code? If so, they turn the mobile marketing and search engine world upside down.

Thoughts, comments?


Anonymous said...

Skuair/Daem shouldn´t put up "all camera phones" if they support S60... If not having a Java application of a mobile barcode reader... well then you should go back into the cellar and continue to do some more work.

Java = ready for global adoption
S60 etc = not ready for global adoption

Anonymous said...

Another solution that aquire that the brand owner have to create a "special brand/barcode symbol" that can be recognized by the application.

Doomed to die.

The 1D barcode is the only way to adoption of mobile barcoding.

RealEyes3D, CamClic and Android/Xzing have understood where the value is to be created.

Scott P. Shaffer said...

I disagree.

Brands are already going to have to change their packaging to include RFID, why not change to the 2d barcode as well?

While it would be easy to just scan the existing 1d codes on packaging, 2D codes have many advantages over 1d codes.

Swampthing said...

Why would brands want to change their logos into barcodes?

Isn't a company recognized for their name/logo?


Why would a fortune 500 company, that already draws your attention by their name/logo, change it to a barcode?

Why not just speak it or click it?

You already know the company that covers this interaction!

Think outside the box!!! You used to before.

Scott P. Shaffer said...

There's a misunderstanding here.

Images can be "changed" into 2d codes and still keep the image in tact.

You would still be able to identify the Coke logo, but now your camera phone could link that image to a URL.