Thursday, June 30, 2011

California Taxes The Net...Amazon Bails

File this under "How dumb can you be?"

This is what I call a "rupt", a catalyst that leads to a big wave.

California now requiring all online retailers to start collecting taxes from California customers.

And the result?

Amazon and online retailer Inc. told thousands of California Internet marketing affiliates that they will stop paying commissions for referrals of so-called click-through customers

Beginning Friday, and other large out-of-state retailers will be required to collect sales taxes on purchases that their California customers make online.

The revenue California expects to generate from this tax($317m) will be minor compared to the jobs they lose and OTHER tax revenue lost from affiliate revenue.

A bankrupt state implementing anti-business idea....not surprising. There are much better ways to get that $317m than to jeopardize hundreds, if not thousands of jobs.

I see border states getting an influx of new "friends".

Longer Golf Drives Guaranteed

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