Thursday, June 16, 2011

Personalized Medicine Has Arrived

What is the next big thing after the Internet?

What is predicted to be one of the biggest transformational changes, finally arrived today.

Scientists look for the causes of diseases that in turn might lead to new drugs or diagnostic tests.

Mapping someone's genetic code to create personalized medicine.

The key thing to remember, using gene mapping to create personal medicine will not just treat a disease, but CURE it.

Personal Genome Map Solves Teen Illness

U.S. researchers are reporting one of the first examples where mapping someone's genetic code led to better treatment.

Doctors could not tell what was causing 14-year-old Alexis Beery's breathing problems.

Then scientists at Houston's Baylor College of Medicine discovered a gene flaw. That led to a new prescription that has her back to running track.

Want to know what company owns patents to over 95% of the genome?

If any company wants to breed a better tomato, design a better drug, or do ANY type of genomic mapping on ANY living organism using 95% of the genome, they will have to pay this company hidden from Wall St. a fee. Fortune 500 companies have already started to license the use of this database.

To find out who this company is, email me. (subject line 95% genome owner).

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