Tuesday, June 07, 2011

What Happens To Internet Traffic With iCloud Service?

What does Apple's iCloud service do to Internet traffic?

Cell providers are already pushed to their limits with the iPhone but the iCloud service could force them to offload traffic to WiFi networks.

iCloud, a service that means music, photos, and documents saved onto an Apple device will soon appear almost instantly on any other Apple product that a person owns.

(Here's the key part)
When an iCloud user takes a photo or saves a document with an Apple device, that file is instantly uploaded to iCloud over either Wi-Fi or the cellular network.

That person's other Apple devices then automatically download the file as soon as possible. That means someone taking a day trip can take photos on an iPhone and then flip through them on their iPad as soon as they return home.

Does that mean EVERY time you take a picture with your phone it automatically pushes it to iCloud?

As the cameras take higher resolution pics, the amount of data being sent will grow too.

Apple Puts The Cloud Into All Of Its Devices

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Raking It In On Real Esate said...

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