Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekly Highlights

Highlights for the week. Things that will make you ponder.

Apple, Intel and others bid for Nortel's patents link

The trove of 6,000 patents cover key swaths of the high-tech world, including Wi-Fi, social networking and a fourth-generation wireless technology now being deployed called LTE.

Largest Internet real estate agent (GoDaddy) getting bought out KKR to buy Godaddy Incidentally IPv6 launches ad ICANN introduce new suffix for domain names. A busy week for the Net.

Black babies outnumber white babies for first time Whites lose majority among babies
fast-growing younger ethnic populations that could reshape government policies

Google uses behavioral targeting for ads link

IPv6 launches. An IP address for every physical object link

Genetic breast cancer test launched Brevagen launches breast cancer test

FDA approves first autologous filler for wrinkles link

A "reverse Groupon" site launches link Does group buying change?

BestBuy enters cloud space for music. Can this turn around dying retailer? link

Amazon enters tablet space. How will they incorporate their "one click" buy technology? link

Digital camera industry gets disrupted link

Mobile apps replacing mobile websites. What does this do to hosting business? link

DARPA funds cyber attack technology link

ICANN to introduce new domain suffix. What does this do to cybersquatters and the search engine optimization biz? link

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