Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What Happens To Utilities When Consumers Can Create Or Harness Their Own Power

Is the utility industry the next major industry to become extinct?

What happens to the power industry (utilities) when consumers are able to "create"/harness their own power?

The newspaper industry started to die as soon as TV branched out to more than 13 channels. The knockdown punch came when the Internet arrived. People had an infinite dynamic choices to get their news.

While there aren't an infinite amount of options for power (yet), solar and wind options will take away some of the utility industry's monopoly.

Brad Tirpak, Managing Partner at the private investment fund Locke Partners made the case that:

electric utilities are as woefully unprepared for the coming disruption of cheap, distributed solar power as newspapers were unprepared for the disruption of the internet in 2000

His conclusion?

Regulated utilities should be able to handle the imminent changes to the industry brought about by the implementation of solar energy and other renewable sources.

Electric Utilities Today Like Newspapers in 2000

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