Friday, November 26, 2004

Online Ads Gain Muscle

From USA Today..

By Jon Swartz, USA TODAY
After failing to live up to the hype for years, the Internet is fast becoming a staple of major advertising drives, according to recent reports.
"The Internet has been incorporated into the media mix, along with TV, newspapers and magazines," says Dan Ciporin, CEO of, a comparison-shopping site. "Increasingly, it's part of every company's media buy."
The trend is expected to continue as more consumers use wireless devices to search the Web and shop. Ted Schlein of venture-capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers predicts a rise in wireless-based ads.

Two things.....wasn't Kleiner Perkins a VC for Google, and second, how will advertisers advertise through wireless devices? People won't be using a search engine w/ their cellphone.

Googles search engine and affiliates are responsible for much of todays advertising, but how will they tackle the cellphone space?...It's kind of hard to generate "pay-per-click" revenue on a cellphone, unless it now gets measured by "scan-per-click" or "say-per-click".

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