Monday, November 29, 2004

RFid Push Coming..the"mobile cookie"?

From this weekends Barrons newspaper.(Subscription required)

"Wal-Mart (WMT) and the Department of Defense, both of which exercise influence over vast networks of suppliers, have provided the biggest push to date for the development of RFID. The technology could transform the economy on a scale similar to that of the PC and the Internet. "

Rfid tags will be the new barcodes but with much more data, and offering information across a universal network (internet) versus with the store. They will eventually be the mobile version of "cookies".

When you scan an rfid tag with your cellphone you will be tracked and advertisers will be able to personally advertise to you in realtime on your phone. Because every rfid tag will have an internet address and when you do scan a tag it will be the equivalent of going to a website and leaving a cookie. But this will be done with your mobile device, a whole new way to market.

So what will companies do w/ this valuable info? and what companies/services will recognize this first and realize the advertising goldmine that awaits...

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