Friday, November 19, 2004

Can You SEE Me Now?

“The possibilities for LBS are endless. Everything from locating the whereabouts of a child, through to rendering assistance for roadside service or ordering a taxi can be facilitated when the location of a mobile user is made available to the company supplying the service”, he said.

“The Seeker Wireless difference is that our solutions will work with existing handsets, and don’t rely on GPS type systems. Only a fraction of handsets in Australia are “GPS ready”, and currently no operator is utilising the GPS capabilities of these handsets, which require the user to be outdoors and in view of overhead satellites. The Seeker Wireless solution uses existing phone networks and handsets to provide reliable location information”, said Grill.

“Mobile marketers have been trying for some time now to get the formula right for marketing to mobile phones. With the introduction of Seeker Wireless Location Based Services, mobile marketing becomes more cost effective” said Grill. “Knowing where a user is, combined with their permission to receive targeted marketing information or offers will be a real win-win for marketers and consumers alike”, predicts Grill.

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