Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A FIND Engine

Since the very beginning, keyword.com chose the familiar 'search in a box' format
which made keyword.com as easily accessible as any major search engine.
While others 'believed' users would become accustomed to entering Internet keywords in the browser's address bar (where the 'http://...' usually goes), keyword.com realized that 'search in the box' was the way users prefer.

Since the beginning, keyword.com has made clear that its purpose is not as a 'search engine' but instead as a 'find' engine where Internet keyword owners drive users to 'enter the keyword at keyword.com'.

keyword.com has remained true to its simple concept...enter a unique keyword or phrase in a search box, and GO to a content-relevant web page.
KeyWord Database

FREE Internet Phone Keywords... another simple idea.

keyword.com Internet Phone keywords enable users to simply enter a phone number and go to the associated web page on a Site.

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