Thursday, November 25, 2004

What Happens When Search LEAVES The Desktop

Search moves to the desktop
The arrival of the PC with desktop hard disk drives (with large storage space at affordable price point) was such a luxury that users practically ‘forgot’ about the storage problem and lost the ‘discipline’ of managing one’s data. By the mid ’90s, the explosion of the internet and the widespread use of e-mail made the problem re-surface.
The 21st century saw the challenge shift from one of storage to search capability. Long used to the idea that ‘anything that is machine readable can be searched by superfast computers in a jiffy,’ ... and now cellphones
The arrival and maturity of several search engines, Yahoo, Inktomi and Google over the past 10 years and the recent meteoric rise of Google has shifted the focus away from desktop to the internet cloud.

But what happens when search goes from one dimension to three?

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