Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A Virtual Amazon Showroom

How many times have you come back from bookscouting with essentially worthless books? How many times have you passed over a book, only to find out later, when you look it up again on Amazon, that it was valuable and in high demand?

ScoutPal is simple and easy to use. Just enter the ISBNs or UPCs, and ScoutPal will "Fetch" the information you need, and quickly present it to you in a concise form. Results include a summary of market prices and quantities, sales rank, editions and availability, and used/new/collectible details. You can customize the content and format of your results, and switch formats at anytime. You can also be alerted if there are Buyers Waiting.

ScoutPal is a subscription-based service. Choose either a Monthly ($9.95) or Quarterly ($29.85) Subscription. You can also sign up for a 1 Week Free Trial subscription, with absolutely no obligation, and no credit card needed. We can offer this because we are certain that once you have used ScoutPal, you will never bookscout without it again.

Why would you pay for this when you can do it for free now?

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