Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pondering Primate Predictions For 2007

Predictions, ponderings or maybe just pontifications?

Here are some of my thoughts on what I think, (throw in a little hope), will happen for the coming New Year.

By this time next year: Scott Shaffer

1. SMS Portal

A clear SMS portal emerges. Like Google has established itself as "the" search engine for the PC, there will be a "find" engine for the mobile. Subsequently, the "shortcode" takes on a greater role for ALL forms of advertising.

2. 2D Code Service

Google or Yahoo (maybe even AOL gets creative) introduces a 2d code (QR code) generating application and finds a way to monetize it's use.

3. Apple Phone

The Apple Phone debuts and Apple creates a mobile marketing powerhouse.

4. Buyout

Somebody buys this company out. In my opinion, they could play a big role in the Next Generation of the Net.

5. New PWC Player

A new physical world connection player with a powerful platform gets added to the list .

6. Wireless Carrier adopts PWC

At least one of the U.S. Physical World Connection players gets their platform adopted by a major carrier. This one really isn't a prediction because I know this to be true shortly.

7. A PWC Buyout

At least two companies on the Physical World Connection list get bought out.

8. Venture Capitalists Target PWC

The "Internet of Things", or Physical World Connection becomes the next hot area for VC money.

9. Google Phone

By this time next year, the buzz will be about the upcoming Google Phone and at least one US carrier will be offering it. There will be screen shots, and leaks about the applications on it that will have the tech world awaiting its arrival.

And the "it could happen" one for the year....

10. Microsoft buys Yahoo

In an effort to take on Google, Microsoft buys Yahoo.

Which one(s) are likely, and which ones are pie in the sky?

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Looks like ~1/10?