Friday, March 07, 2008

The Next Generation Internet Holding Company

Our goal is finding major transformations and disruptive technologies which lead us to the next great investment.

Last year Visionary Innovations discovered a company thatdisruptive technology developed a revolutionary way to use radio frequency for medical procedures (surgeries)....disruptive technology for multi-billion dollar markets.

Based on our success with Intuitive Surgical and their revolutionary technology, we saw this same potential with this medical technology.

CSMG Technologies (OTC:BB CTUM) and their Live Tissue Connect, have a revolutionary device and patented methodology that allow surgeons to use radio frequency as a faster (under one minute), tighter, virtually bloodless, smokeless (sterile OR) wound seal that doesn’t burn or kill tissue, virtually leaving no scar in 60 days.

This disruptive technology is revolutionizing surgery because it eliminates the need for sutures, staples, glues and sealants.

Live Tissue Connect uses patented radio wave technology to bond and reconnect living soft biological tissue.

We published our report on this scar-less surgery last summer and called it the Next Intuitive Surgical

Wall Street is now starting to recognize this enormous opportunity for this microcap company.

Always on the lookout for disruptive technologies and the next great investment, we think found another.

We Found A Unique Opportunity

Very rarely, if ever, do we find a way to invest in breakthrough state-of-the-art technology, along side with some of the smartest investors in Silicon Valley, at a fraction of the cost, in a publicly traded vehicle, run by execs with billion dollar track records AND on the verge of generating revenues for various new and existing multi-billion dollar markets.

Pondering Primate readers are familiar with some "daily disruptions" I have discussed and how they will create multi-billion dollar opportunities.

Some of the biggest disruptions and opportunities include:

1. Offering Internet Access To Millions With Aviation Broadband

What company will offer "true broadband" to millions of new Internet users? Not only a broadband Internet provider, but a "true broadband" content deliverer too.

2. Comcast Throttles BitTorrent Traffic

Could there be a bigger Dot-Com IPO than BitTorrent?

3. WAN Optimization Software In Big Demand

Companies want to fully utilize their broadband connection. There is a huge demand for network intelligence "middleware" or WAN optimization software. A WAN acceleration space disruptor? Software than sends data cross-country and gets speeds up to 200 Mbps.

4. The Next Big Thing..Video On The Internet

One word...YouTube. Who can provide a high fidelity solution for YouTube?

5. The Boom For Bandwidth Efficiency

"MiddleWare" that allows the Internet to fill up the pipes. The bigger the pipes, the more it helps..especially on long pipes.

6. Bandwidth, What Is It Good For, Absolutely Everything

Quoting Om Malik "While Web 2.0 companies may get acquired by Google (or Yahoo), specialized software start-ups with products that enhance hardware will find buyers more often. Expect this trend to continue, and in fact gain momentum"

The ability to send/receive/stream high def data, without changing the network, is becoming of great value to the hardware companies, video sites, e-commerce sites and service providers. This is a multi-billion dollar opportunity.

Visionary Innovations found a company run by seasoned Silicon Valley executives, with a portfolio of disruptive technology, hidden from Wall Street, that provide solutions for all of these problems.

Technology developed by U.S. Government and top VCs unlocks the “Next Generation of the Net”

We think we found
The Next Generation Internet Holding Company (research report)

Let us know your thoughts.

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