Monday, March 17, 2008

What Does This Do To The Value Of YouTube?

How does this affect Internet advertising, and the value of YouTube?

Companies across the U.S. are starting to prevent their employees from accessing Internet-video services (YouTube) at work.

Now, online video has become an increasing irritation. Worker productivity is being jeopardized as short, often low-quality video clips popularized by YouTube are being joined by better-quality video services with long-form content.

(here's the kicker)

According to a study released last month by Nielsen Online, an Internet tracking service owned by Nielsen Co., the heaviest consumption of Internet video is during weekday lunch hours from noon to 2 p.m., when most people are at work.

Isn't that the equivalent of turning off TV and ads during prime time?

Bandwidth capacity relief for corporate networks?

Online video also is taxing already strained corporate networks. It poses a particular problem for smaller companies, which have limited bandwidth capacity to accommodate bulky video files. Online video files on average are about seven times as large as audio files, and 100 times as large as e-mail

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