Friday, March 21, 2008

UpCode And Their Mobile Barcode Win Nokia's Best Mobile Enterprise Application

Congrats to Physical World Connection player UpCode!

Nokia holds the annual 'Mobile Rules!' competition, the world's leading awards for innovative mobile business plans and cutting-edge applications, services and technologies from developers and entrepreneurs from around the globe.

Nokia announced their Mobile Rules 08' Winners and UpCode and their mobile barcode application were named Best Mobile Enterprise Application

“Nokia is very pleased to recognize UpCode for parking system as the Best Mobile Application in the enterprise category and a member of an exclusive group of innovators selected as top-prize winners in our second annual ‘Mobile Rules!’ competition,” said Tom Libretto, Vice President, Forum Nokia

UpCode parking is a 'point&click' mobile solution using the highly developed UpCode(TM) program, which enables a mobile phone to act as an optical reader to 'scan' any physical object, on any surface or on-screen by 'clicking' at a mobile barcode. UpCode is free for non-commercial and non- professional use and users pay only according to existing Internet tariffs charged by the mobile service provider.

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