Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Other SaaS .....Storage As A Service

Who wins the "virtual land grab"?

While the physical real estate market is in the tank, the virtual real estate market has never been hotter.

Some interesting notes from an article in Investor's Business Daily called Digital Data Deluge Picking Up The Pace that has me wondering if there's a boom coming to those that spot and cater to this trend.

The amount of digital data is growing so fast even the experts can't keep up.

the amount of digital information created, captured and replicated in the world as of Dec. 31, 2007, was 281 billion gigabytes. That's 10% more than expected by an IDC study done just a year ago.

"There are more bits in the digital universe than there are in the physical universe,"

IDC says that we're at a turning point in our history where the amount of available data storage roughly equals the amount of digital data. In the years to come, storage will lag data. And by 2011, almost half of the digital universe will have no sort of permanent domicile.

I can see Dell, Best Buy, or an Internet service provider introducing a monthly service that will backup your data and clean up (anti-virus updates) your PC.

Do you think people will trust a virtual company like Google to manage all of their data?

People still want to be able to call up and speak to an agent or tech support. Would you want your data stored with a company that fulfills millions of search requests everyday. While Google may say data stored with them won't be included in their public database, would you take that chance?

A recurring revenue opportunity that can be headquartered anywhere. Reliability and security the only factor.

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